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LEED Gold Certification


"What is the use of a building if you don't have a decentplanet to put it on?" -Henry David Thoreau

ANS Dhivyam was born out of a stellar dreamenvisioned by the family of ANS Guptha & Sons. Dhivyam means ‘divine’ inSanskrit. The store’s vision is to give its customers a divinely enrichingshopping experience and a cultural landmark they would be proud of.

Apartfrom all this, ANS Dhivyam, is the first jeweller in India to be awarded theLEED Gold Certification for their efforts to make the store environmentfriendly.

Here are the measures undertaken:

1. Energy efficiency measures such as insulated walls, high performance glazing, insulated roof finished with high reflective tiles, energy efficient lighting design which is with 100% LED fixtures have been used.

2. Low emitting paints, carpets and composite wood products have been used.

3. 100% of parking spaces have been provided underground or under cover.

4. Low flow dual-flush toilets, sensor based urinals and other low flow fixtures have been selected to install at site to reduce water consumption.

5. 100% of wastewater is being treated onsite to tertiary standards.

6. The project is located in close proximity to public transportation thereby minimizing transportation pollution.

7. 100% of roof area is covered with a highly reflective material to reduce heat islands and to minimize impact on micro-climate, and human and wildlife habitat.

8. Water use has been reduced by 44% through the use of efficient plumbing fixtures.